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The STORY of byNebuline
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The STORY of byNebuline

Working at first as a service supplier, marketing developer and designer, Sophie is running her own company since 2001. Up to today, Sophie uses her expertise and knowledge from experiences in the kids products universe. Tales, fantasy, beautiful stories, fashion and decoration have been Sophie’s world for years and years.


After working and designing for several companies for over more then 10 years, the company Nebuline Cie was started as a production company.

Nebuline Cie specialized in bags and fashion accessories design, manufactured and imported under the label of “Disney”.


Over the years, gaining experience, meeting lots of people at international shows, Sophie felt lucky to meet amazing artisans and craftspeople, who like getting things right, caring for high quality, using beautiful fabrics, working with respect for the individual, respect for nature & fair production.


From the dream to step out of an extremely commercial & price focused business of mass productions, where end-prices and end-quality are not in relation to the materials involved, nor to the people & hands that have been making the product, Sophie started her own brand: byNebuline!    


byNebuline respects resources, materials and human work! byNebuline thrives for the shortest way between handcraft, marketing & sales of a beautiful hand-made product, with very few commercial steps and no licenses in between! 


People and Handcraft must be respected; artisans must earn fair money for their work! 


byNebuline meets high standards in both aspects: high quality products and sustainable equitable business.


byNebuline's goal is to make an honest product-value-price = you know what you buy and you pay a legitimate price for guaranteed fair & good quality.


byNebuline is constantly searching for artisans and people who can contribute to realizing the dream to make beautiful products with heart & soul!


byNebuline wants to support handcraft and reward the individual people who are making beautiful things with their heart!


Each item has been skillfully handmade by talented artisans.

byNebuline goods are up to our high international standards, 100% safe, made with care and love.

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